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We design and build custom, functional, modern furniture using new and old techniques combining aluminum with other earth respectful materials like cork, bamboo and wood.

Drawing of a chair

The Process

Drawing of a chair


We develop small production runs of in-house designs as well as custom one-off pieces for individuals, designers and architects. We design both in collaboration or with minimal input, whichever is most suited to the project and client.


1. Wood Working: accomplished in our well equipped shop with both CNC and old school industrial quality machinery.

2. Aluminum Forming:  water jet, laser cutting, CNC routing and top of the line press brakes allow for unique, consistent and accurate shapes.

3. Welding: TIG welding of the highest caliber in aluminum and stainless steel.

4. Machining: state of the art machines and skilled machinists produce most of the fasteners and parts found in the work.

5. Finishing: powder coating for the metal is done in a fully equipped and architectural grade certified shop.

The Materials



The bamboo we use is a renewable, natural resource with a quick harvest time of 1-5 years depending upon the species.  By contrast, hardwoods take up to forty years.

Bamboo is actually a grass that needs no replanting and generates 30-35% more oxygen and hold four times the CO2 than broad leaf trees.  If effectively absorbs green house gases and produces fresh oxygen.


The cork we use is made from 100% post-industrial recycled cork and is actually recycled cork bark.  This bark is protected material and a suitable tree is harvested every nine years in Portugal.  The tree then regenerates new bark over the next nine years – and the process continues up to 16 times.

It is 100% recycled material with a polyurethane binder containing 100% bio-based renewable carbon and no added urea formaldehyde LEED points.

Cork bark

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